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Can I buy E-liquid with nicotine in Australia?

buy eliquid in australia with nicotine is it legal

Vaping has become more and more popular, which has made it easier and easier to buy the popular e-cigarettes, as well as the e-liquids or vape juices. But with popularity also come restrictions. Because of the fact that more and more people were using electronic cigarettes instead of the normal cigarettes, politicians in many countries got interested in the subject of “electronic cigarettes”.

Before we start to go into how you actually can get vape juices with nicotine in Australia, we want to talk first about what vaping is in general and what legal ways there are to buy e-liquid that contains nicotine in Australia.

What is vaping?

Vaping and e-cigarettes have been a part of this world for over a decade now. Although there are already millions of people using vaping as a substitute for the original cigarette, there are still many people who don’t know about it. So let me give you a little explanation.

The e-cigarette is a device, that is run by a battery inside and contains e-liquid, also called vape juice. This vape juice can have different savors and can have nicotine inside it or not. That is up to the buyer of this e-liquid.

The reason behind the electronic cigarette is, that people were looking for a healthier way to smoke. Many active smokers know how hard it is to quit smoking even though they know, that smoking is very unhealthy. Instead of real tobacco as in a cigarette, e-cigarettes and vaporizers use a special liquid that can contain nicotine, if chosen so.
The heating element inside the e-cigarette oder vaporizer heats the liquid inside up, until it becomes an aerosol. This aerosol is then inhaled by the user and is called: vapor. The inhaling of the vapor imitates the sensation smokers have, when smoking a real cigarette.

If a liquid with nicotine is chosen, the body also gets the sensation of having nicotine inside the body and therefore the crawing is answered (that is if you are or have been an active smoker, who is used to consuming nicotine).

Please have in mind, that nicotine is bad for the body. The goal with these mentioned vaporizers is, to reduce the amount of nicotine more and more, so eventually, you don’t have any nicotine inside the vape juice anymore and maybe can quit vaping as well.

Is buying e-liquid with nicotine in Australia legal?

Those of you who live in Australia and are already into vaping know, that the Federal Government regulated the use of nicotine. That means that now e-cigarettes, vaporizers and how ever you wann call them that use e-liquid with nicotine are now regulated under the Therapeutic Goods Act of 1989, short TGA.

What does it mean? It means that resellers and any vape shop in Australia you have formerly gone to in order do buy e-cigarettes or just vape juice containing nicotine, can not sell E-liquids with nicotine anymore.

The problem with that is that probably many of you have been active smokers and use vaping as a way of living healthier with your addiction and are also decreasing the nicotine from time to time, so that someday you may not need nicotine at all.

The tricky thing is that in order to get there you still need nicotine in your liquids to answer the craving your body still has for nicotine, so that in the future you are able to decrease it. It may sound weird, but those of you who have already had the experience of having had to decrease the nicotine in the liquid,  know what I am talking about.

That is what we want to help you with, because there are still some legal ways to get E-liquid with nicotine any way. The Federal Government did not prohibit the use of eliquids containing nicotine in general, just to make it hard for everyone who wants to obtain it. The goal is to encourage only smokers to buy liquid containing nicotine, but to not encourage non-smokers to start vaping using nicotine liquid.

As you can see we are only talking about liquid containing nicotine, e-cigarettes and liquids that do not obtain nicotine are completely legal, you can buy them without problems inside and outside Australia and using them is no problem at all. So you don’t need to have any worries here.

But let’s get back to the question of this article, if you can get E-liquid containing nicotine if you are an Australian citizen and the answer is: Yes.

In total there are three ways to get vape juice with nicotine in Australia:

1. You need to have a prescription: If you are an active smoker and want to use e-cigarettes in order to continually decrease the amount of nicotine in the liquids so that someday you don’t need nicotine at all, then you can go to your doctor and get a prescription for that. With this prescription you can buy a 3 months’ supply of liquid containing nicotine. Now, what is a 3 months’ supply? It has not been regulated on what a 3 months’ supply is, that means you are more or less free on the amount you order for your personal use. In our opinion, around 300-400ml are quite okay.

2. Approved pharmacy: You go to an approved Australian pharmacy and they can prepare nicotine liquids for individual patients. But here as well you need a prescription from a medical practitioner.

3. Vape shop online: You buy e-liquid containing nicotine in an online shop outside of Australia, without a prescription from a doctor. This is what the video is about.

The Federal Law says that buying and the possession of nicotine liquid inside Australia is illegal. But, buying liquid, e-cigarettes and vaporizers outside of Australia is not illegal, even if they contain nicotine.

We will just talk about our experience with our Australian customers, and we have many of them, and will tell you how it has worked for them so far.

Let’s talk about the law again, the law says that just the possession of liquids containing nicotine is illegal, the import of it, however, is legal. It is totally legal to import liquids and e-cigarettes that have nicotine inside.

Now the grey area is the possession of it. The possession of e-liquid that contains nicotine is not under the Law if you don’t have a prescription from an Australian doctor. Now, this is as I said, a grey zone, we know that and it is all up to you what you are going to do the information we provide you with here.

But, because the import of nicotine containing liquids is legal, there so far has been no problem of our Australian customers to buy liquids in our online shop and to get it without problems to their door. Due to our more than two years of experience with shipments of E-Liquids to Australia we still have some “tricks” which we don’t want to explain here 😉 but which work.

There is one exception, and it is important to know that those of you living in the State of Queensland or the Northern Territory can not legally import e-liquids or e-cigarettes containing nicotine.

Even the import is illegal for people living inside the state of Queensland or the Northern Territory. But don’t be worry! It is still possible to do so. We also have a solution if you live in QLD or NT.

If you have any questions or need help how to order in our shop, then please feel free to send us a » message

FAQ regarding the use of vape juice with nicotine in Australia

Is it illegal to vape e-liquids without nicotine in Australia?
Because of the new law in Australia which states, that it is illegal to buy e-liquid that contains nicotine inside Australia, many people are unsure, if every e-liquid is now forbidden and illegal to buy in Australia.

So let us help you out, no, the use of e-cigarettes in combination with nicotine-free vape juice is not illegal. Even in the state of Queensland and the Northern Territory, the use of e-cigarettes is legal. So if you have already quit on the nicotine or just like the feeling of vaping without nicotine, then there is absolutely no problem to get e-cigarettes and vape juice without nicotine inside Australia.

I’m a teenager and want to start vaping, where do I buy e-liquid?
Even though e-cigarettes are 95% healthier than normal cigarettes, the healthiest way is still to not vape at all. We know that the use of vaporizers has increased over the last couple of years and it is a better way to “feel cool” than using normal cigarettes, but still we think, why would you do something that still can have some negative effects on your body?

I’m under 18 years old and want to buy e-cigarettes in Australia. Can I do it?
If you are under age, then there is, legally, no way for you to get an e-cigarette let alone vape juice that contains nicotine inside Australia. Most of the shops, online shops included, check if you are under age or not. It does not mean that it is impossible to get an e-cigarette in or outside of Australia, but it is very difficult, not under the Federal law and not recommended, because after all, vaping with nicotine can make you addicted.

Summary “Can you buy vape juice with nicotine in Australia?”

As you now have seen, it is not that difficult to get vape juice/ e-liquid with nicotine if you live in Australia. It is illegal to buy e-liquid containing nicotine inside Australia, but certainly possible and legal to do so using online shops outside of Australia.

Let us recap: The law says, that it is illegal to buy vape juice containing nicotine inside Australia. But it is legal to import it, if you buy it outside of Australia. Legally you can import a 3 months’ supply of vape juice and e-cigarettes for personal use.

Even though the government tries to make it as hard as possible for Australian vapers to get e-liquid with nicotine in Australia, there are ways to do so.