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eBay hates selling eLiquid

eBay doesn’t really like sellers of eLiquid, even if it’s allowed like eBay Germany.

Out of the blue, our account on eBay was once again restricted for 30 days because, according to eBay, we violated the principles. Accordingly, we are obliged to offer shipping to customers in Germany only by DHL with age verification.

That’s what we did, because otherwise eLiquids couldn’t be stopped at eBay Germany! An attempt to publish eLiquid without the prescribed shipping method is blocked by eBay.

Now I ask myself, if it is technically impossible, how can we have violated the principles of eBay?

Tomorrow I will call eBay customer service. Even though I already know today what the answer will be…

“You’re right, the mistake wasn’t yours, but we still don’t take back any decisions we made”.

Slowly but surely we will leave eBay completely, like many other sellers of eLiquid before us. It’s just not fun on eBay anymore.

We only hope that our customers will remain loyal outside of eBay. That’s why we created this shop here.