Things to know about E-Liquid & Vaping

European Eliquid and Vape Juice is safe, statement of English Government (PHE) about vaping and lung disease in the US

Public Health England vaping statement

God bless Englands Government. Public Health England is the first authority in the world to confirm that European Eliquid / Vape Juice is safe on the basis of strict European regulations. They also confirm that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking.

>> Read the full statement of PHE here.

That’s exactly what we’ve been saying all along.
By the way, all our eliquids are, of course, safe because they comply with the EU Tobacco Directive.

PHE advice on smoking and vaping

For smokers: You should stop smoking completely. Getting expert support combined with using an e-cigarette doubles your chances of quitting successfully. For the best way to quit read their advice

For people who vape nicotine: if you are still smoking, you should stop and switch completely to vaping, then come off nicotine when you are confident you won’t relapse to smoking.

If you have never smoked: Don’t vape.

For people who vape CBD: although CBD is less tightly regulated, if you experience symptoms or are concerned you should stop.

For people who vape THC: if you are vaping THC (or an unknown liquid which could contain THC) it can be hazardous. These are the products most implicated in the US outbreak. If you feel unwell or have any difficulty breathing after vaping THC.

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