Things to know about E-Liquid & Vaping

Important note about the Corona Pandemic – We still ship your E-Liquid / Vape Juice orders

Current delivery times due the Corona Pandemic

Due the Corona Pandemic there are many delays in delivery, because of massive reduced transport flights and delayed processing by customs. German Post use a combined air- & sea freight for deliveries to Australia, New Zealand, USA & Canada, because of this there are longer delivery times than usual.

Europe:  4-15 Days   |   Australia & New Zealand: 5-6 Weeks   |   USA & Canada: around 30 Days

IMPORTANT: At the moment there is no priority shipping (with tracking) possible due to the Corona virus. Economy shipping is still available.

The coronavirus is a problem that has reached every country in the whole world, making people stay at home and the economy slowing down dramatically. In the news we see people stacking up on food and especially toilet paper (!!). During the last couple of weeks we have gotten many emails of customers asking us, if we are still able to deliver their E-Juices or if we are getting into trouble as well.

So far we have no problem whatsoever to get all the ingredients we need to produce your E-liquids. We don’t know what the future holds, but so far there is no indication that there could be a delivery problem with all the necessary ingredients we need for making your vape juices.

Because we know that you all have a lot of questions, we want to make a little FAQ on this page about questions you have regarding E-juices and the coronavirus.


  1. Do I need to stack up on E-juices?

No, so far you don’t need to stack up on vape juices. All though the whole world is suffering under the coronavirus and the whole economy slowed down immensely, we are still able to mix all E-Juices of your choice. We are constantly in contact with our suppliers and they have assured us that they don’t have any shortage problems neither. If anything changes in the future, our customers will be the first to know.


2. Are there now any restrictions for getting E-juices?

No, other than the normal restrictions that have already been there before the virus, there are no new restrictions. So far we are allowed to deliver our E-juices to every country in the whole world.


3. Can I still get my e-liquids even though many flights are cancelled?

Yes, you can still get your e-liquids even though many international flights have been cancelled. However, you need to be aware that the delivery time can take up to 3-4 days more than usual.


4. Is the postal service still working in Germany?

Yes, the postal service is still working and allowed to work in Germany. So far there have been no signs that they will be prohibited to work in the future. As long as the postal services work, you will get the E-juices you want and need and you don’t need to worry.


5. Will you raise your prices due to the coronavirus?

Because of the slowed down economy, many groceries are now more expansive than we are used to. Because we are still able to get all the goods we need in order to produce the E-juices, we don’t need to raise any prices. We are known for offering our E-juices at fair prices and we want to stay true to ourselves. As long as the prices of our suppliers don’t raise, we will offer our E-liquids at the same prices you are used to 🙂


We hope that we could help you with this short update and assure you, that there is no need to stack up on your favorite E-liquids.

Please stay healthy!

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