Vanlige spørsmål (FAQ) på e-væske i Norge

Why are E-Liquids so expensive?

Have you been wondering why E-liquids are so expensive and where you can buy cheap Ejuices? In this article we will explain you why E-Liquids are more expensive compared to the DIY variation of mixing your own vape juice and why we are able to offer our E-Liquids at often half the prices than others do.

How good is the quality?

The quality of a product is probably the main reason why some E-Liquids are more expensive than others. Vaping businesses located in Europe have a lot of regulations they need to comply with. These regulations make sure that only high quality products are allowed to be sold. That’s why in Europe you don’t find so many E-liquids from China compared to the US where the black market is big and China E-liquids are sold often.

The better the quality the more you have to pay, that’s why Ejuices from China are so cheap. You don’t know what’s really inside China Ejuices or if they can potentially harm you. Instead of just looking at the price, inform yourself about the company you want to buy E-liquids from.

In general you can say that vape juices from Europe are less harmful, because the ingredients used are controlled carefully.

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How big is the brand?

A sad but true statement, the bigger a brand is the more you have to pay for their products. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter if we are talking about a huge sports brand or about a big vaping brand, as soon as a brand has followers and fans you are not only paying the product itself, but also the brand name.

Being a big brand does not necessarily mean that the quality is also high. Often these big vaping businesses/brands started out very small, focused on the quality of their products and when they became big, their focus lied more on making money than on the quality aspect.

For 10 years now we have been a family-owned business, located in Germany. All these years it has been our goal to satisfy our customers with the quality of our Ejuices. Made in Germany we make sure, that our E-Liquids are pure, taste good (and not artificial like some vape juices do) and meet a premium quality standard.

All the ingredients we use have a pharmaceutical quality which means, that the same products with the same quality are used in pharmaceutical drugs. That’s why you don’t need to be afraid to get a lung disease like some people did in the US due to Ejuices containing Vitamin E. Our E-Liquids are free from Vitamin E or other harmful substances in this matter. You can even decide to buy Eliquids without nicotine in our online shop especially for our Norwegian customers.

How fancy is their packaging?

If you have been buying E-Liquids in a vape shop near you or online, you may have noticed that many E-Liquids brands use a very fancy and colourful packaging. It is needless to say that the more colour you use on the packaging, the more fixed costs you have and therefore the price of an E-juice rises.

We at HQ Vape for example, don’t use fancy packaging or many colours on our label. We know that like this our E-Juices maybe don’t look as fancy, but we make sure that the quality inside the E-liquid is amazing and prefer selling our vape juices at lower prices 🙂

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In which country is the vaping business located?

The location of the vaping business can decide if the E-liquid can be offered for cheap prices or not. If the normal costs of the business, the fixed costs etc., are very high and they have to pay a lot of fees to maintain that business, then it is only logical that the prices of an E-Liquid are more expensive than in other countries.

How much do they sell/buy?

Sometimes smaller businesses have to sell their vape juices at a higher price because they are not able to order high volumes of all the ingredients they need in order to produce E-juices. The higher the volume is that a business can order, the more discount they get and therefore the production costs of a single E-juice can decrease enormously.

Remember it’s a business

We also have to remember that we are talking about vaping businesses. A business is confronted with many fees and regulations that sometimes cost a lot of money. In order to maintain a business and keep it alive even in difficult situations, the money needs to come back to the business. One way to do so is by selling E-liquids at moderate (or sometimes even high) prices. A vaping shop is always confronted with more expenses than a normal person is. But even if we are talking about a real business, E-liquids should always be offered at a at least moderate price.

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