Things to know about E-Liquid & Vaping

PayPal bans E-Cigarette & E-Liquid / Vape Juice Shops!

Since the end of November, PayPal has start to ban shops worldwide who sell E-Cigarettes and E-Liquids / Vape Juices. Bit by bit PayPal closes the accounts of merchants who offer corresponding products. Today it has hit us.

For further information see here: (German language)

We have just integrated Klarna Directpayment as a fast payment method

Unfortunately Klarna only works for customers from Germany, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and UK.

For all other customers we can only offer payment by BACS/SEPA bank transfer at the moment.

This is a bit more complicated for you and usually takes one day until the payment is received, but it works. Also for customers who have a different currency than Euro. For example customers from Norway, Sweden or Switzerland. Thanks to the SEPA directive, there are no costs for you.

For customers from Australia we offer an Australian Bank Account for payments, so that you can do a regular bank transfer from an Australian bank account to another Australian bank account.

We try to make other payment methods possible and keep you informed.

Despite this stupid situation, we ask you to stay loyal to us. To make the decision a little easier for you we offer a 20% discount on all E-Liquide until Christmas.

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